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Club Points

Year-end club points are determined by entry at 1st Virginia shoots only. Your points start to accumulate when you become a club member. If you are not a club member at the time of the event, you do not accumulate club points towards year-end awards. Your points are not “backdated”.


The CMSA season starts in October after the World Championship and continues to the next World Championship the following October. Your total points are calculated throughout the competition year starting at the first club event during the shooting season and ending at the last club event before the World Championship. Your total points, class points and division points are calculated at the level you competed at during the last club event. For example, you are a level 2. You win your class at the last club event of the season. It is a "move up" win, and you move up to a CMSA level 3. When you fired your last shot at a club event you were a level 2. You will be considered a level 2 for the end of year awards based on your points earned at club events. You never competed at a club event as a level 3 so you are still considered a level 2 and awards will be based on your points as a level 2. You must attend a minimum of 50% of club events to be eligible for year-end awards. The last club event is the Virginia State Fair Shoot.

2024 point standings coming soon!

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